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At Home Pet Wellness Care

Wellness care is an important part of your pet’s good health. Our veterinary staff can perform your pet’s bi-annual wellness care exam in the comfort of your own home. We make veterinary housecalls throughout Long Island, NY. When our experienced veterinarians care for your pet in the comfortable surroundings of their home, the veterinary visit is a more positive experience for both pet and owner. Please review our extensive list of communities served and give us call today to schedule your pet’s in-home wellness exam.

Our At Home Wellness Veterinary Care includes:

Please note:  we do not perform surgeries, dental treatments, or diagnostic images, such as MRI, CT or Radiographs, in a Housecall appointment.  We perform diagnostic care and surgical care at one of our animal hospital locations.  We offer 24/7 emergency care at our Huntington, NY location (West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center).  We may recommend your pet visit one of our animal hospitals during a Housecall visit.  We can provide transportation to the animal hospital if needed.

Pet Wellness Care Services

24hr Emergency & Critical Care Center

Housecalls for 3 or more pets pay the exam fee only (no additional housecall fee)! And clients of Housecall Veterinary Service never pay any additional after-hours emergency fees at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center!


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