In-Home Pet Hospice Care

The goal of at home palliative care, also known as “hospice care” is to keep your pet as pain free and as comfortable as possible when a cure is not possible. In the comfort of your own home, our veterinarians will be with you every step of the way, making sure your pet’s final months, weeks or days is the very best possible time for you, your family and your pet. At home hospice care focuses on supporting the bond you have with your pet for as long as possible.

Our in-home hospice program is focused on the comfort of your pet, not finding a cure for or treating your pet’s disease. There are many things we can do to help you make your pet more comfortable at home: proper pain management, nutrition management, wound care, subcutaneous fluids, incontinence management and education for you and your family. We will assist you in implementing a treatment plan that meets your pet’s needs and respects your family’s wishes.

Quality of Life Consultations

Quality-of-life consultations with you, in your own home, are an important part of our treatment plan. We will help you assess your pet to determine your pet’s quality of life and help you understand when your pet’s quality-of-life has diminished to the point where you and your family may have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. When the time comes, we will come to your home and make the in-home euthanasia process peaceful, painless, and as stress-free as possible.

In-Home Hospice Care Locations

Although this is a comprehensive list of towns, please call us at 631-367-8030 if you are located around one of these areas as it is still possible we may be able to come see you and your pet. At home hospice housecalls are available by appointment only.

In Home Veterinary Hospice Care

24hr Emergency & Critical Care Center

Housecalls for 3 or more pets pay the exam fee only (no additional housecall fee)! And clients of Housecall Veterinary Service never pay any additional after-hours emergency fees at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center!


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